White But Not Plain


The Bazaar’s New Beat

T he clothes demand that you dance—somewhere, soon, and with abandon. Bangles and fringe, tribal tattoos, electricity-conducting colors that almost clash but don’t: If all that is not loud enough for you, just add more beads.

Necklace, $210 at Topshop, 478 Broadway. Bangles, from $40 to $60 at Diane Von Furstenberg, 874 Washington St. Bandeau, $11 at American Apparel, ,

Cinchier, Sexier Trenches

,,,,The stodgy, Sherlock-in-the-fog coat is loosening up. And that’s before you tack on the shocking-bright tights and pumps.,,

Milan Fashion Week Highlights // 12

Giorgio Armani Men's RTW Spring 2011

Escapism has been a running theme this season, but Giorgio Armani knows that guys still have to work. For spring, he served up a lightweight wardrobe that was varied, of-the-moment and – above all - effortless. With a summertime city slicker in mind, the designer combined classic with casual in just the right doses.

The first look out - a crisp double-breasted jacket in linen worn with roomy trousers – set the tone for a breezy take on tailoring.

Sport coats – mostly two-button and cut short and tight in classic cotton blends, weightless jerseys or slightly iridescent fabrics - flaunted Armani’s sophisticated, yet light touch.

He brightened up his signature palette of beiges and grays with cool blues and touches of citrus yellow, which he applied to suede desert boots, belts, ties and sporty blousons in tech-y fabrics. While some trousers – set high on the waist - boasted his signature pleats, the silhouette seemed slimmer.


Shakira out at Wimbledon in London 28.06.10


Ashley Greene at The Twilight Saga: Eclipse premiere in Belgium, June 29

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