I think everyone liked my previous post... I was a scatter-brain writing it though. :D
I think I'm just going to type a lot here, so just keep reading...

I totally hate it when it's like mid-July, and you see all dark colors for... FALL. It's depressing! It makes you feel like summer's over... but it's really not. So, anyway, just to remind everyone that its still summer, I decided to write this post about how to look glamourous at the beach! (hehe.)

This photo inspired the post... Yes, this is Paris Hilton... but I do give her credit for wearing a leopard cut-out swimsuit.

Okay, so back on topic... (Ways to be glamorous at the beach)

These Haviana's flip flops are gorgeous... but seriously, who buys flip flops that cost over $130?! 

Roberto Cavalli sunglasses are fabulous. I love these; they are tres unique! 

And Lastly...

A nice metallic nail polish looks great on toes with a neutral on hands looks great. The metallic also looks great peeking out of a sandal. Plus, it's a BIG TREND this season.

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