It's That Time Of Year!: Sexy Geek Swimwear

Swimsuits: if you take yours off in line at a water park they'll kick you out. Thankfully, Black Milk Clothing, a company best known for the sessy-ass Space Invader tightsI posted back in January, has you covered. Literally -- their stuff will cover your privates. Now, I know what you're thinking, "I really appreciate the unconventional nature of releasing a new swim line in mid-October, but seriously, WTF?" And you see, young Padawonton, it's just now mid-spring in Australia where Black Milk is based. How does that even work? aside, here they all are. As you can see, there's the mandatory R2 and Darth Vader models, some outerspacey ones, and even some skulls and bones. I posted larger shots of all the geekier ones after the jump, so be sure to check them out. It's just like looking through the lingerie section of a JC Penny catalog on the john! But hopefully your sister won't walk in on you this time. Damn yeah she told me! You nasty.

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