Which Country Has the Sexiest School Uniform? Part.3

Popular School Uniform in Japan

Very few university in Japan requires to wear uniform. However, the most popular school uniform in Japan is called the sailor outfit. It is called a sailor girl uniform because the top part is shaped like the shirt the sailors wore in the old days.The top has a ribbon on it of different colors and shapes. The typical type is just a big bow in the front.The socks that people wear with the uniforms are usually navy or white. Navy knee socks are considered the best looking nowadays because it makes your legs look skinnier with the dark color.

Did You Know?!

  • In Japan, it is common for both boys and girls wear brightly colored caps to prevent traffic accidents.
  • In Japan and Thailand, it is normal for uniforms to be worn outside of school areas.
  • Japanese Sailor Uniform is now a popular Halloween costume
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Thai uniform (above) was not intended to be sexy. But the girls wear them so tight and short they end up being pretty sexy. The original skirt is a lot longer than after they tailored it.


No matter which University they goto, all of them wears the same white tight top with the short black skirt. However, to identify the schools, it usually says it on their pins or belt. As for shoes, they usually wear heels or sandals that matches their skirts. Girls also add some interesting accessories, such as earrings, or necklaces.

Japanese Girls Uniform

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