Elly Tran Ha Hot Vietnamase Model Photo Gallery 2011

Elly Tran Ha Hot Vietnamase Model Photo Gallery 2011

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Elly Tran Ha Hot Vietnamase Model Photo Gallery 2011

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Elly Tran Ha Hot Vietnamase Model Photo Gallery 2011
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Elly Tran Ha is simply a beautiful girl. She is probably one of the most popular Vietnamese supermodels today. From an unknown blogger to an Internet sensation, the pictures tell it all. Take a look at Elly Tran Ha in sexy white bikini on the beach.

Elly Tran Ha Profile

Name  : Tran Kim Hong
Nationality : Vietnam
Ethnicity : Asia, Vietnamase – Chinese
Born   : 1993 ( or 1987)
Birth of Place : Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Sex Orientation : Straight
Height  : 1.68 m
Measurement : 37-23-35(inches)
Cup Size : F
Blood : A
Occupation     : Singer, Model

Elly Tran Ha Secret Biography

Tran Ha Elly is a famous Vietnamese model. Elly  get suddenly gain tremendous popularity in 2010. Many netter publish Elly’s  photos on various blogs and social networking.
And many netter use Elly Photos as their image profile in social networking sites or forums. Do not be surprised, if at twitter or facebook will be more popping up Elly’s 33,000 local search term “Elly Tran Ha”at google.com since 2010.  Elly was born in June 8 , at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and like other teenagers, Elly continued her education in public schools with hard support of her mother. Elly tried to increase her confidence by attending various activities at her school.
Hidden talent within Elly  as a singer finally be channeled by support from her  mother. Elly make more confident when appearing in public. Along with growing popularity of Elly as a singer, arising issues and gossip about Elly Tran Ha boyfriend. Every Body Want to know, right? Various speculation circulating on Internet that Elly tran ha have personal blogs. All netter trying to find official  blog of Elly Tran Ha Blog. Of course, want to see and download Elly Tran Ha  Private Photo Collection. Elly ‘s picture is so popular on internet. It can be said Elly kim hong photos dominate various search terms that made netter in seeking collection of High Quality Celebrity Images. Well, Elly Tran Ha has won the popularity contest with so many Valerie Lee’s  photo shoot that circulated on internet.
Elly Vietnamese Girl dedicates herself to become a model without just relying on her beauty alone but Elly Tran Ha is also trying to demonstrate to all her fans that Elly Vietnamese model has the ability as a singer with a melodious voice. The netter from around the world can see Valerie Lee’s videos on You tube. Since Elly ‘s Photos famous on the internet, especially with searh term “elly tran ha scandal” makes the netter tried to look any further about personal life of Elly Tran ha ( Valerie Lee). Outstanding issues that Elly Tran Ha has returned from America and continued her career as a singer in Vietnam. And netter still find various information about Elly kim hong mainly about “Elly ‘s Secret Affair and hot scandals” personal relationships with male friends around. And become the hottest gossip in internetMany say that Elly only shows “Hot Photos Of Elly Tran Ha” by relying on her beauty alone. To prove that Elly  has a hidden talent as a singer, check Elly’s video in Youtube when she sing a song in Korea. Elly has a good voice. Indeed, as a teenager who is still young, Elly has a proportional body and attractive to be seen. By Tran Ha Elly breast size ‘F’ makes Elly very interesting to be used as wallpaper on your desktop computer. Is that right ?…. Still curious about Elly’s body measurement


  1. Elly Tran is one of the hottest Vietnamese babes around. She has some very good assets to flaunt of course. Check out 70 sexy scans of Elly Tran.


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