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Is it possible to show also Martin Luther King along with Gandhi in the template photographs ?

The locals & all can relate to MLK faster & better. Also there were previous chains that encouraged to refer MLK.

Remember we get a MLK - national holiday too...

Also modify the poem to reflect that something like...

Using Gandhi’s & MLK or ML King's way as our only tool
Thanks for the interest and comments guys! I think I'll keep the pictures as is for now, they are dark but at the same time that brings a mood to them. Nik, your picture look a little bit too bright to me but it's a nice try. Maybe I could try some selective dodge to bring out the eye and some other details without brightening up the whole scene.Thanks for the info. how about areas like simivalley, santa clarita, do you get houses for 300 to 350 and

And also around bay area- san roman, liver moore are they good neighbourhood. Also which has more jobs in datawarehousing is it LA or bayarea.The new bill does not care about STEM. The only qualification you need is a degree in ILLEGAL immigration
Congrats!! And 6 months more of working for a bad employer is a small price to pay in the big picture. And there are lots of creative ways to kill 180 days. Cut your productivity and actively engage in finding a good job... take paternity vacations etc.I am in the same boat.
I think good idea will be to ask lawyer and seek opinion..
my fragomen lawyer said they do not have a clue on the timeline
Absolutely right, how otherwise do you explain that they issued card production for people with PD's in 2004, (Dates not current in June) on July 2nd and in an hour and then said the visas are unavailable.

NO FIFO whatsoever.

They just saved themselves by retracting the VB of JULY, or else they would have faced lawsuits, and investigation which would have shown all irregularities and fraud.

If they can't follow FIFO in issuing receipt notices, which is the first and most basic step, then we should not expect them to follow FIFO for the rest of the steps.Lawyers are suckers. There are like leeches ( always there are exceptions  I don't think your comment on adding a spouse is accurate. If the GC is approved prior to your marriage and if your spouse is here, you are NOT golden. As to apply in the family based category, the family based PD in that category (I believe it is 2A) should be current. And that is backed up as well..

If the GC is approved prior to your marriage and if your spouse is here, you are golden. You simply apply for I-485 (family based). If your spouse is not in USand you have GC, you will need to file for follow to join visa and it will take some time (I dunno how many years)hye I dunno what all of your opinions are, but I think that pixel stretching and similar effects that are so popular now - can more easily take away from a picture then add to it.... just MHO - seems like people use it 'cuz it is "in Thanks Immigration Voice Team for all ur hardwork and dedication. You guys rock, man. Appreciate QGA for working with us and hope they keep up the same spirit till this bill passes into law ;)

Thanks to IV core members, QGA, senators and their staff.
Kudos to Immigration Voice My attorney just said...she has too many application to file...she just cant do it on 1st June, she will try to do 1st week of June....but I am sure she is gonna miss 10th June too :).... happy Just tried, got connected after trying for 4/5 times. Automated response system sucks, its in different languages, but after pressing 1 (for English) still could not get the further menu.
Finally when the call got through the voice quality totally sucked. It is like how it used to be in 1990s with delay and static. Won't use wont be subject to cap if you jump to H4 and jump back to H1 since you were on cap subject H1 within the past 365 days. However if your spouse jumps to H4, she can only jump back to a non-cap H1. If she wants to work for a for-profit, she has to go through teh H1 cap.

Basically the fact that your H4 was based off a non-cap H1 has no bearing on your own H1 status and cap limits and returning to H1 again.

If you are on 7th year and you get layed off, you can only get the H4->H1 done if you still have that I-140 approved. If in the process of laying you off your employer also cancels teh I-140 you cant come back to H1. You need to wait outside teh US a year and you'll be subject to cap again.

one more thing: I am not sure how long you can stay on H4 and come back to H1 without being subject to cap. (is it 1 year or 6 years)I would suggest send an email, fax and certified mail asking your salary and give a time of a week.
Fill WH4 form along with copy of H1 approval and submit to the office of DOL where you worked for that period.My thread had wrong title and that created more problem, hope this title makes sense and please feel free to share your experience.

I know the following, I worked very hard for the current company and they pay me the way they pay any immigrant. Atlast got my I-140 approved and now I would like to go ahead with available options and at any cost I will protect I-140 from being revoked.

If I-140 is not revoked:
a)One can extend H1b through any company for 3-years.
b)One can get PD ported.

If I-140 is revoked:
a)It is a grey area but commen-sense says that one is out-of-status.

How to protect I-140 being revoked:

a)Transfer the case to your own attorney?? See that employer or employer's attorney has not much say on your case file??
b)Give some valid reason to current employer until your I-140 from other company is approved

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